We invite you to take a pilgrimage – travel a distance from the safe place you call home, to enter a sacred space where you will be transformed –
Find your way through…

thewayofthelabyrinthAt The Way of the Labyrinth we offer a variety of workshop retreats including: Theatre Arts Workshops; Creativity Workshops; Playwriting Workshops; Poetry, Journaling and One day Labyrinth Workshops. In addition, we offer Personal Writing Retreats. 

Finding the Center

The Way of the Labyrinth utilizes an outdoor Labyrinth to assist in finding your personal center.  Life often spins at a pace that sometimes leaves us off balance. To live from our most authentic core self, we need to cultivate practices that ground us. Labyrinths can awaken one’s soul to the realization that at the “Center” of our being we are inextricably tied to one another and to all of creation. It is at the center that we can unite with our inherent creativity and hear ourselves at last.

pathwaytothelabyrinthPathway to the Labyrinth

Walking the labyrinth is a celebration of the centering process. The center is a metaphor for the still place within yourself – the place to connect with a higher level of awareness – the essence of truth. At the center is the gathering of energies. At the center you will find a profound sense of being in a sacred space where wisdom and enlightenment will greet you. It will warmly embrace and comfort you.

Walking the labyrinth reminds us that we are on a journey. The labyrinth is not perfect. As in life, there are twists and turns along the way, but as we walk and relax into our inner world, we find we get the chance to connect to the deepest part within ourselves. Becoming more conscious of ourselves and our lives, we find the time to think about who we are and what is going on inside. We take time to sift things through and make choices. This brings us relief from stress, and opens us up to a higher level of awareness sans the noise and the distractions of everyday life constantly in motion all around us.