Personal Writer’s Retreats
A truly creative environment offers more than just comfort and privacy. It lends inspiration, instills a sense of well-being and provides opportunity to learn and explore. It affords guidance, pleasant surroundings, good food, a variety of diversions, as well as a sense of fellowship. You will find all this and so much more if you come for a Personal Writer’s Retreat at The Way of the Labyrinth.

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Creativity Workshop Retreats

All Retreats and Workshops foster collaboration, encourage an ensemble spirit with a shared sense of community; to converse and exchange ideas in an environment of invention and innovation.  Accommodations are in a beautiful house in Stonington Connecticut.  Everyone works together. Meals are served family style, while continuing to promote collaborative thinking and the generation of creative energy.

3 nights – 4 nights and 5 nights

The Way of the Labyrinth will deepen your journey, open new avenues, and assist in helping you to find inner tools for being innovative and creative. The truth is that by nature we are all creative. Given the right environment, with the appropriate training and tools, we can all tap into this inherent creativity.

Many people have found Creativity Workshops to be a life-changing experience acting as a catalyst, gently guiding and navigating toward change. Whether it is switching jobs, practicing art, starting or finishing a book, making a move or changing a relationship, collaborative discussions feed everyone’s imagination and creativity workshops help you find the way to accomplish your dreams and your visions.

At The Way of the Labyrinth, you will explore how creativity and imagination can help you navigate purpose, meaning and intention in your life. Creativity is required to succeed in work ranging from broad strategic thinking to troubleshooting tactical problems. This experience is an opportunity to discover how to intentionally pay attention to your practical wisdom for living a purposeful life, inspiring reflection in action, step by step. Many people have found Creativity Workshops to be life changing experiences acting as a catalyst, gently guiding and navigating toward change. Whether it is switching jobs, practicing art, starting or finishing a book, making a move or changing a relationship, at The Way of the Labyrinth, you will find your way in a truly interactive, face to face, experiential learning adventure.

In addition to walking the labyrinth, some of the methods and modalities utilized come from the Expressive and Creative Arts, designed to develop practices that access information about yourself that lives in a different level of awareness than the one we use for everyday functioning. These exercises are tailored to meet each participants needs. Modalities utilized are sound, movement, drawing, writing, and meditation. These practices combined with conversations and dialogues gently move a participant toward reaching their goal.

Workshop Retreats vary in duration. Each participant will leave with good solid work accomplished toward their personal and professional goals.

In addition, each retreat allows for some free time for participants to explore the area which is a destination with a rich culture to see and enjoy.

Creativity Workshops will provide opportunities for:

Guided meditation • mask-making • painting and collage • expressive theatre• journal writing• storytelling• gentle yoga and movement consciousness; integrate the visual arts with movement, sound and expressive writing in order to facilitate change, healing and self-discovery.

Expressive Writing is a transformational tool that can facilitate emotional, physical and spiritual healing as well as self-discovery, personal growth and conflict resolution.  We will explore the realms of Expressive Sound, Music and Rhythm as a means of personal growth, community-building, and healing, utilizing elements of music for self-discovery, creativity and music, and recreational music making. This approach is combined with the practice of deep listening and mindfulness as a touchstone to creativity.


Theatre Arts Workshops

Theatre Workshops at, The Way of the Labyrinth, are under the auspices of Artistic New Directions (AND) a New York City theatre company dedicated to developing new works for performance — plays, solo shows, acts and other performance arts. AND offers artists of all levels the opportunity to acquire new skills as well as develop, workshop and produce projects. There is an emphasis in works and formats derived from the pioneering explorations by Viola Spolin, Paul Sills and Del Close. Written projects exclusive of improvisation are also encouraged and welcome. AND supports performing artists with world-class teachers and mentors helping actors, writers, directors and designers find and collaborate with each other, focusing on core elements of improvisation; Listening, Endowment, Discovery, Energies, Emotions, Warm up games and activities, time to reflect and share.

In a series of lectures, conversations, and improvisational style workshops, theatre artists will work together to create new work, develop innovative ideas, and network with fellow artists with an eye toward increasing one’s knowledge of people, places and ideas in today’s professional theatre.  In a truly interactive, face to face experiential learning adventure, each participant will have the opportunity to have their work assessed by peers working together to increase their depth of knowledge in the world of theatre arts.


Master Classes

HARD-CORE WRITING TECHNIQUES MASTER CLASS -Two day workshop with playwright, screenwriter and award winning television writer

Designed to put tools into your hands you can use immediately. This is an exceptional opportunity for playwrights and screenwriters who wish to hone their skills to a higher level; Techniques that work for sketches, plays and screenplays. Along with workshop leader Jeffery Sweet and a small, exclusive group of writers, you will spend from 10:00 am till 5:00 pm (break for lunch 1-2) learning the following:
The secrets of painless exposition.
•Bringing a scene alive through violation of ritual and convention.
•Finding where the story is and the structure it wants to be in.
•Roles in conflict — how to set up a civil war inside a character.