Playwriting Retreats

 Over the years we’ve had so many wonderful experiences at our retreats with everyone sharing and supporting each other to develop new work, some of which has gone on to be produced out in the theatre world.

This playwriting retreat is facilitated by Emma Palzere-Rae, whose specialty is the solo show.  Having successfully produced a number of solo shows that have toured all over the country, she will work with you individually to find the gems in your story and polish them up to make them shine.  Evenings will show off your work by performing to a small in house audience to receive feedback and audience perspective.  Then back to the drawing board to re-work accordingly.  There will also be time for outings to the charming town of Mystic and Stonington, Westerly oceanfront beaches and the O’Neill Playwright’s Conference.  Emma Palzere-Rae is also the Western New England Regional Rep for the Dramatists’ Guild.  During the retreat we also have the annual summer gathering of playwrights for the DG.  An opportunity to meet fellow Dramatist Guild members.

A reading of Bridget’s play followed by feedback

Playwrights playing – on the Poet’s Loung for a sunset cruise

The nature of this retreat is to foster collaboration, encourage an ensemble spirit with a shared sense of community; to converse and exchange ideas in an environment of invention and innovation.  Everyone works together to prepare dinner, served family style while continuing to promote collaborative thinking and the generation of creative energy. In a series of lectures, conversations, and improvisational style workshops, theatre artists will work together to create new work, develop ideas and network with fellow artists with an eye toward increasing one’s knowledge of people, places and ideas in today’s professional theatre.  In a truly interactive, face to face learning adventure, each participant will have he opportunity to have their work assessed  by peers working together to increase their depth of knowledge in the world of theatre arts.

The November – Creativity Workshop and Writer’s Retreat was a wonderful time for all.  Time to write, time to talk, time to walk the labyrinth, time to be introduced to Expressive and Creative Arts, time to share delicious meals together with a group of truly creative, intelligent women artists and educators.  A great deal of time was spent learning, exchanging ideas, information, and leads, developing ideas that are just dying to be developed, and creating a very special energy that inspired and motivated all the participants.  Each participant brought a special talent, skill and ability to the Workshop/Retreat.  The weather was perfect for walking the labyrinth and a very, very good time was had by all.  Visit us again to learn when the next Workshop/Retreat will be held at The Way of the Labyrinth or get on our email list for email notification – send request to

Comments from past workshop participants:

What a wonderful, creative, uplifting experience! Thank you for welcoming me into your home.

                   –Toni Leland author, photographer, master gardener –

It was a terrific time!  Loved the process and bonding with the group. Judith, you excel as a facilitator and hostess – Thank you!-

                                   Emma Pelzere-Rae -playwright/actor –

Thank you for such a loving, supportive and creative atmosphere to work on my play.  I can only hope that many more writers experience this place, as well as hope that I return again soon.     — Mimi Quillin – playwright/actor

Beautiful setting, comfortable homey place to be. I’ve been re-inspired to continue my writing and performing from this experience – love all the amenities and Judith is a great hostess with the perfect touch!  — Leliani Henry – playwright/actor/teacher –

Creativity reigns!  Fabulous house! Fabulous people!  Fabulous week! Thanks for your hospitality  — Janice L. Goldberg

Thank you for an incredible experience. It was wonderful interacting with creative people and gaining new insights, as well as walking the labyrinth, enjoying delicious food, writing, and resting in your beautiful home for 3 days! –